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Hardware » My Drivers v3.11

Enables easy and fast detection, backup and restore of all hardware device drivers currently on your system. Also, you can even find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them onto your computer. With just one or two mouse button clicks, you will have all your hardware devices extracted and backed-up to any folder you want. When you reinstall or upgrade your system, you can restore all drivers by clicking a button. Once after a reboot, all the drivers will be re-installed and will function well. You may also choose to backup a particular driver or all the drivers with an EXE automatic installer.

Hardware » Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic

Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic.

Hardware » Drive Fitness Test v4.05

Tests the integrity of IDE and SCSI hard drives. CD image.

Hardware » Drive Fitness Test v4.05

Tests the integrity of IDE and SCSI hard drives. Windows Diskette Creator.

Hardware » Memtest86 v3.2

Memtest86 is thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers.

Hardware » CPUKILLER v2.05

Slows down your computer up to 98%, enabling you to run older games and apps.

Hardware » AEFDISK v2.1

Command line driven disk partitioning program. It supports all partition types. It's a powerful tool for creating any combinations of partitions.

Hardware » BootPart v2.50

Lets you add partitions to the Windows NT/2K/XP Multiboot menu. Usually, you will only have a MSDOS or Windows 95 entry and one (or several) Windows NT entries on this boot menu. You may add any partition to the menu. You may add an OS/2 Multiboot partition, or a Linux Partition (with Lilo) to this menu.

Hardware » PHDISK

Creates the hibernation partition on older laptops with Phoenix BIOS.

Hardware » Floppy Image

Create and restore floppy disk images.


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